A Board of Directors is responsible for


  • the management of the business of the company; and
  • ensuring that arrangements are made for the fulfilment of the company’s statutory duties.


Directors have, both collectively and individually, a continuing duty to acquire and maintain a sufficient knowledge and understanding of the company’s business to enable them properly to discharge their duties as directors.


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PRESIDENT                   Frank Gormanley (Forever Great) 

TREASURER                  Jane Grant (AMAS Scotland Ltd)


Lorna Gibson                (Strategise It)

David Wilkinson           (Launch Digital Ltd)

Alison Somerville         (Dustacco Engineering Ltd)

Chris McMail                 (Microtech Support Ltd)

Craig Johnstone           (Giglets Education)

Stephen McGhee          (LMA Architects)

Anne Queen                  (AVQ Management)

James Thomson           (Ayrshire College)

Peter Telfer                   (Urquhart Opticians)

Jamie Cumming            (North Property Advisors)

Steven Easton              (Green Home Systems Ltd)

Ralph Porciani              (Trump Turnberry)


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