eLearning from Ayrshire Chamber

eLearning from Ayrshire Chamber

eLearning Training Courses

Ayrshire Chamber of Commerce offers a range of eLearning training courses in a variety of areas such as:

  • Health & Safety
  • Food Hygiene
  • Manual Handling
  • and many more.


Custom built courses are also available. Please email enquiries@ayrshire-chamber.org

Simply get started by choosing an exceptional quality course (or two), start learning and earn a Certificate of Completion.


Click here to visit our dedicated eLearning website!




Information for Charities Rolling-out Health & Safety Courses (for less than 300 people)

We're pleased to offer a substantial 50% discount to registered charities within the UK ordering courses for less than 300 people.

Charitable organisations looking to enrol 25 people or more on our online training would also qualify for Team prices and at 100+ staff our further reduced Agency & Enterprise bulk pricing may be available additionally to the charitable discount.

All charitable discounts can be applied for with your organisations registered charity number by calling us on 01292 678666, or leaving a us a message by clicking here, before placing your order.

All charitable discounts are subject to validation checks and are at our discretion.