Chamber HR


Providing fully paid Members of Ayrshire Chamber with FREE unlimited access to a Human Resource and Health & Safety Advice Line -24 hours a day, 7 days a week and access to:

Over 250 downloadable policies, forms, documents, letters, templates and fact sheets.
 To download specific documents you need your User Name and Password.

Chamber HR Advice Line CALL 01455 852 037.

When calling you will be asked to provide:
  • Your name
  • Company name
  • Your membership
  • Chamber name

Why a Chamber HR Service?

Dealing with employment issues is becoming increasingly difficult, time consuming and costly. For example, did you know that if you employ at least one person you need a compliant Contract of Employment and a Grievance and Disciplinary Procedure? Failure to comply could lead to financial penalties being imposed by an Employment Tribunal.

Ayrshire Chamber has teamed up with Qdos Consulting and Composite Legal Expenses to provide the Chamber HR human resource solution as part of your membership benefits.

Chamber HR is a complementary service to the Legal Expenses Scheme, so not only will you receive proactive advice but also reactive insurance to cover the cost of representation and awards in respect of Employment Tribunal claims.

What our members say about the HR service:

'Moving from a large company, the events and networking aspects of the Chamber were excellent in building contacts, and making the transition. In these early days to enable me to tender for contracts Chamber HR was invaluable in assisting me in creating HR, Environmental, Diversity and other policies. The information available through Ayrshire Chamber and the wider Chamber organisation has proved invaluable in these first few months'
Colin, Managing Director, CJM Project Financial Management Ltd.

'I had researched the HR outsourced services marketplace pretty thoroughly and was about to sign-up with a highly respected HR organisation when the email from the chamber arrived announcing the new Chamber-HR service. The timing was perfect as I was about to recruit three employees, and after taking a look at the service and information on the website it became apparent that Chamber-HR contained pretty much everything that was available elsewhere without the cost. 
I have used the policies & procedures, created a staff handbook and like the way everything is kept simple and straightforward and it's good to know that there are real people behind the scenes ready to help.'
T2 Solutions
'I found just about everything that I was looking for and was able to download them and create my own handbook at no cost at all. The staff at the advice line were excellent and a couple of policies that weren't on the website were quickly drafted up for me and emailed over to me within a couple of days.'
Toni Dawson, Bean & Leaf
'The Chamber HR package was a great help when I was putting together the company's new handbook. The policy documents in particular are very clear and user friendly. I find it very useful to have access to a facility such as this.'
Veronica P Hamilton, Gentech