Documentary Letters of Credit & Methods of Payment

Documentary Letters of Credit & Methods of Payment

International Trade
Date: Tuesday 12 November 2024
Time: 09:30 AM - 04:00 PM
Speaker: Sue - Exporter Services

This course is suitable for those working in International Trade and are involved in the management and presentation of Letters of Credit.
The course provides an overview of all methods of payment when trading Internationally to include the risks and benefits involved. It will then concentrate on the Letter of Credit aspect guiding you through the rules of managing a letter of credit, making sure documents are compliant and payment is successful.

Course Objectives:
Foreign Currency Transaction Mitigation
Methods of Payment - risks and benefits
- Advance Payment
- Documentary Collection
- Open Account
- Letter of Credit
The Letter of Credit Process
- Terminology
- LC Types
- UCP 600 Rules
- Management and Presentation of the Letter of Credit
Incoterms 2020
Shipping Documents
Best Practice for L/C's - Hints and Tips

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