Understanding Exporting & Export Documentation

Understanding Exporting & Export Documentation

International Trade
Date: Tuesday 02 July 2024
Time: 09:30 AM - 04:00 PM
Speaker: Sue - Exporter Services

This course is suitable for beginners who are new to their role or for those working in an export environment that have never had any formal training. We will look at the end to end export process providing an understanding of the export documentation requirement and shipping using freight forwarders and couriers.

The agenda and course objectives are as follows:

Receive the Enquiry:
-Responsibilities and roles
-Incoterms 2020
-Methods of Payment and the Risk Ladder
-Export Controls and LIcence Requirements

Pre-shipment Inspections/Packing:
Shipping Documents to include Invoices and Packing Lists:
- Commodity Codes
- Origin
- Preference Documents
- Certificate Origin

Move the Goods:
- Transport Considerations
- Book the Shipment and Freight Forwarder Responsibilities
- Contracts of Carriage/Transport documentation

Proof of Export - Evidential Requirements:

General good Business Practice:

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