Sustainable Energy Solutions - Solar PV For Businesses

Sustainable Energy Solutions - Solar PV For Businesses

Ayrshire Chamber of Commerce
Chamber Events
Date: Thursday 15 June 2023
Time: 02:00 PM - 03:30 PM
Speaker: Urban Business Solutions

No capital expenditure, reduce outgoings and transition to carbon neutral.

With current energy hikes increasing overheads, this session could be the solution. Urban Business Solutions will offer PPA to reduce energy costs, carbon footprint and free up capital to develop your business in other ways.

They work with EcoContracts who work out the most efficient infrastructure layout based on a business site’s current energy demand, location, planning and available roof space. This has enabled some of their clients to becoming net zero overnight, as they sell back additional energy to the grid beyond their net consumption (with no capital expense).

Requirements are:

- The company must be energy intensive during the day.
- The company must have a large enough roof or grounds that can accommodate 200mWh production (circa 1000m2+ roof space).
- The company must have a long lease or ownership of the building (PPA is 25 years with yearly buyout available).
- The G99 approval from the DNO (we cover the review costs)

Urban Business Solutions and EcoContract specialists will be on hand to answer questions in detail.

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