Summer Team Challenge and Barbeque @ Sportscotland Inverclyde

Sportscotland, Inverclyde
Chamber Events
Date: Tuesday 25 June 2019
Time: 04:00 PM - 07:30 PM
Contact: Yvonne Munro

Building on the popularity of ‘It’s a Knock Out’ we are pleased to present this year’s fun filled event at Sportscotland National Centre Inverclyde.
Get into training for our Summer Challenge and Barbeque, an event for everyone to suit all abilities. The focus is on fun, competitive challenges, with points being awarded to teams at each activity. Team players will be challenged round the following activity course :-

* Balloon Archery: targeting points and adding balloons onto the board to create more of a challenge.
* Boccia Dartboard: participants try their hand at Boccia, a Paralympic sport.
* Sheep Pen: all of the group apart from one person will be blindfolded and they have the task of directing the blindfolded ‘sheep’ into the pen in the quickest time.
* Bridge Building: the team will be given building blocks with prices attached, to create the cheapest bridge ensuring each team member can get under the bridge.
* Golf Target: chipping and putting in a target net to win points.
* Card Pick Up: team members each will run up to cards laid out faced down and have to turn over the cards in order from ace upwards. Turning one card over per person, the race will be timed in order of the cards being turned over in order in the quickest time.
* Football Target: team members will kick the ball into a goal with different targets within to score a variety of points.
* Hanging Tough: a fitness challenge involving upper body strength to hang from a bar for the longest time.

Teams of 4 or 5 is recommended, or individual places can be booked and will be allocated to a team on the day.
The evening will round up with a delicious barbeque buffet and refreshments served in the impressive Inverclyde refectory and outdoor patio area. Who will be crowned the winners at this great night of summer fun !

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