Business Boost - THE ENVIRONMENT - Significant Business Risk & Opportunity

Ayrshire Chamber Boardroom
Business Boost
Date: Friday 07 June 2019
Time: 08:30 AM - 11:00 AM
Speaker: P - Block
Contact: Yvonne Munro

Business Boost - THE ENVIRONMENT - Significant Business Risk & Opportunity
The environment acts as the source of all of our raw materials and also acts as a receiver for all our wastes. However, the capacity of the environment to supply and receive is limited.
The environment therefore has potential to cause direct constraints on our businesses. Taxation costs associated with the ‘exploitation of the environment’ are increasing annually and legal requirements, when breached, can lead to fines and even imprisonment for offenders. Business risks lurk around every supply chain.

The environment should not however be considered solely in the context of business risk. Environmental performance criteria are increasingly being used to positively select suppliers and novel approaches to dealing with wastes can leverage new product opportunities.
This practical session is focussed principally on the needs of manufacturing industry members but the lessons apply to all business types. The session is aimed at providing YOU with:

1. A refreshing approach to thinking about your business operations
2. Practical tools to supplement future proofing activities
3. Access to a recognised leading expert on environmental performance

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