Work Placement

Work Placements allow young people to have a richer experience of the workplace.

What are Work Placements?

For those young people who have already formed a clear set of aspirations, work placements allow a meaningful exposure to their chosen field and will better prepare them for success.

For those who are less certain about their future career, a range of experiences will help provide them with a good basis with which to make decisions.

If you do not currently offer work experience but would like to, please contact our Education Team or call 01292 678666. You can also complete the form below and return to us: School Work Placement Application Form.

DYW Ayrshire have developed guidelines to assist you to raise the quality of the learning that a work placement can offer while motivating and inspiring all involved, click here to download.

Who to contact

Who to contact for help & support relating to a work placement

If you are looking for help & support prior to the placement then please contact the Education Team on 01292 678666.

You should receive a letter from the school approximately 2 weeks before a placement starts, this will detail a contact in the school should an issue arise during the placement. If for some reason you are unable to reach the named contact then please contact the Chamber by the above methods.

Sample Induction Programmes

Sample Induction Programmes

Please find a selection of sample induction programmes for pupils:

Appropriate Activities

Appropriate activities for a pupil during placement

The starting point for organising a work experience placement is to identify exactly what opportunity you are offering. This means compiling a timetable of meaningful activities for the duration of the placement.

Sample Timetables of Activity:

Feedback Session

Feedback session with the pupil before end of their placement

To ensure the pupils learning experience has been fulfilled it is beneficial that a feedback session takes place. This allows the employer to highlight areas that the pupil has flourished and areas that could be developed in the future.

Health & Safety Guidance

Health & Safety Guidance

To help your business prepare for a young person carrying out a placement, we have compiled a list of useful documents:

Example Risk Assessments

Example Risk Assessments

We have also listed sector specific sample risk assessments for your information:

The above are only guidelines and we encourage you to adapt to suit your business.